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Jusqu'au 11 juin 2017

Witness – Canadian art of the First World War

Programme national des commémorations du Centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale


The First World War marked a turning point in the history of Canada. To mark its centenary, the Arras Museum of Fine Arts is proud to present Witness - Canadian art of the First World War, a touring exhibition by the Canadian War Museum. Sponsored by national presenting sponsor, TD Bank Group, this highly evocative exhibition offers the opportunity to admire paintings and drawing on show for the very fi rst time, and to discover how, a century ago, art was used to document experiences in a time of war and to portray those experiences to families and the general public.

The Witness exhibition reveals how Canadians - both offi cial war artists and troops on the ground - used the medium of art to express their experiences of the First World War, both at home and overseas. Many of the works constitute profoundly personal testimonies; others are documentary drawings, executed for the express purpose of recording military activities. Presented in four themes, the exhibition illustrates the artists’ response to their environment and underscores the importance of art in depicting the harsh realities and consequences of war.

Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Arras (Arras Fine Arts Museum)
22, rue Paul Doumer
62000 Arras

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